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What Causes a Plantar Wart

A plantar wart is a result of a common viral infection of the skin. These usually grow on the sole of the foot, especially in areas of pressure and friction. The virus affects only the superficial layer of the skin and produces a thickened abnormal growth. Warts can last for a period of a few months to several years. Warts can be observed in all age groups, especially children. Kids have soft skin which offers a warm place to the virus to plant its feet in and grow fast. The soft place makes the virus comfortable and helps in its growth in the sole.

The HPV type 1 virus is the lead cause of plantar warts. A number of other HPV viruses are also responsible for spreading the disease but the most common cause of warts is HPV type 1. These can travel from the contaminated surface to the fresh skin and grow there. These viruses tend to exist in warm, damp places. You are most likely to catch a wart in a shower, locker rooms, swimming pools and other places with a damp environment. These are commonly found in the feet of swimmers as they mostly stay in the damp environment of the pool. The softened feet become an easy victim to the plantar warts. The feet also sometimes get scratched against the pool walls and the broken skin provides a welcoming environment for the virus to grow.

Warts are also more likely to attack people who deal in meat, fish and chicken. Meat shops are damp places and welcome the HPV virus to invade the dealer and grow in the warm, damp skin. People working in such places cannot afford to work in a cool dry place to stay clean and disinfected against the virus. The virus attack in such places is inevitable. It lands on the skin of the feet and tends to grow deep into the skin surface to have a good grasp over the skin. Once the skin comes in contact with the virus, it grows into the skin and keep creating a thick layer of the infected cells. Broken skin is most likely to catch this virus. Warts grow faster in a cut, scraped off skin or a closely bitten nail.

Warts spread easily by direct contact with the HPV virus. Sharing towels and other personal items with the infected persons can cause the virus to attack you. These are very contagious and skin contact with affected area must be avoided. Also try to keep your workplace dry clean. The virus tends to exist in a damp environment and by staying in a clean, dry place, you can avoid contact with the contagious virus and stay healthy. If you are working in a damp environment, wash your feet and dry them after work to ensure the virus doesn’t attack you.

And finally, very elementary but very important fact to keep in mind is while it’s not something to lose sleep about, a wart is still something you want to get rid of ASAP. So just choose one treatment option and stick to it.


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