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Types of HPV That Cause Wart

Genital Warts Treatment

Today, most people realize that HPV, or human papilloma virus is responsible for causing warts. On the other hand, it is also important to realize that HPV is like any other virus in the sense that it belongs to a family of related organisms. At the very least, once you understand which ones will colonize the s and cause warts, you will have a better chance of becoming infected.

A Basic Overview of the HPV Virus Family

As you may be aware, viruses within the same family will have certain characteristics in common. For example, when it comes to a study of their genetic material or outer protein coats, each virus may have a number of things in common with others in the family. As may be expected, viruses that tend to be very similar to each other will also produce infections that have similar characteristics. When it comes to the HPV family, there are approximately 100 known different strains. Of these, just under 50 will actually cause warts upon exposure. Needless to say, some strains may be more effective at propagating than others. As a result, there are only four strains that actually result in the largest number of wart cases.

Infections Strains and Long Term Consequences

For the most part, well over 90% of all warts are caused by HPV-6 and HPV-11. Since many people with warts also wind up with cervical, penile, testicular or scrotal cancer, it is also fair to say that these two strains also tend to be responsible for the largest number of malignancies. Even though warts are not deadly, it is very important to realize that tumors can rob you of decades of life. This is just one of many reasons why routine medical checkups should always include a full pelvic exam regardless of patient gender.

Over the years, researchers have gained access to a number of tools that make it easier to identify viruses and all of the variants within their family. When it comes to HPV, researchers are finding out that a relatively small number of virii in this family cause the largest number of problems. Perhaps as these same researchers learn more about the differences between each strain, they will also gain access to information that will result in a cure for both warts and related cancers.


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