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How to Remove a Wart on the Shoulder

The only consolation when you have warts is that the condition is not cancerous as it would appear to be. Therefore there will be ways to remove the warts although the normal process takes sometime to accomplish the results. The estimated duration to successfully achieve a 75 percent success rate will be anything up to six weeks. This just goes to explaining how reversing the condition can be a painstaking issue for you. On the other hand the warts can be surgically removed in which case their occurrence must be determined as localized and hence capable of being removed using invasive or non invasive surgery procedures depending on where the warts are occurring.

Some ways of removing a wart on the shoulder

Since the wart is localized in just one place, your shoulder, it may be easier to deal with such a case because you can employ a number of options to clear the condition. However it must be noted that the recurrence of warts is quite normal meaning that you may successfully eliminate them only for the same warts to re-emerge in the very same place or in another place.

One of the ways that this condition can be contained is by getting a prescription from a dermatologist. Generally the dermatologist will prescribe salicylic acid of varying strength depending on the degree of infection. This can be commonly applied at home and specifically to the shoulder area where the wart is present.

On the other hand it is a well known fact that warts can also be a sign of a weakened immune system. Therefore another way of removing that wart on your shoulder is to take on oral cimetidine (Tagamet) that will have the effect of boosting your immune system. The treatment will last for up to three months after which your immunity should naturally counter the wart and subdue the virus that causes the wart.

Furthermore the use of immune system stimulant such as squaric acid is also encouraged with the same results as the oral cimetidine. However using the stimulant on the skin and particularly the shoulder area where the wart is will help to remove it as the body’s immune is stimulated to fight the wart.

Liquid nitrogen can also be used to remove the wart. Also called cryosurgery this process is nevertheless painful but will ensure that the wart is removed form your shoulder. Apart form using freezing where liquid nitrogen is used, the wart on your shoulder can also be removed by using laser and invasive surgery. Apparently these methods are considered more expensive than the natural methods that nevertheless take a longer time to show results.

A wart on your shoulder should therefore not be a very big issue and there will be many options that you can use to remove this wart. However before you use any over the counter medication you need to consult a dermatologist to ascertain the strain of wart and at the same time prescribe the most suitable medication.


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